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Whether you’re a small business or an individual, recycling metals at PADNOS is made to be easy.

Use our handy search tool to find a PADNOS location that accepts your specific scrap materials. You can always count on PADNOS to provide fair, competitive prices. Scale prices can change daily, depending on the market dynamics of the specific metal. For current pricing information, contact the nearest location or call us at 800.442.3509.

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How to Realcycle with PADNOS

Drive onto the yard’s main scale, pick up the phone and listen to the instructions. Unload your material in the designated area and wait for inspection. After the inspection, drive back onto the scale for final weighing. Park and enter the office with your current driver’s license or photo ID and vehicle license plate number. You’ll be paid in cash via our ATM.

Tips for Recycling Metal

Auto Bodies

We buy scrap vehicles at many PADNOS locations. Please bring a valid vehicle title that has been signed off. Tires may be removed in the yard (added charges could apply for fluid removal).

Aluminum Rims

To be considered clean, rims must be free of iron, wheel weights, valve stems, center caps, and steel inserts.


To be considered clean, aluminum should be free of all nonconforming materials such as glass, steel, zinc, plastic, adhesive, etc.

PADNOS Turner ferrous and nonferrous metals recycling center exit to scale sign.

Ferrous metals accepted at these locations:

Public Scales Industrial Scales

Nonferrous metals accepted at these locations:

Public Scales Industrial Scales


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