Plastic Pellets

For full-service plastics recycling, sorting, grinding and compounding, turn to PADNOS.

PADNOS provides compounded plastic formulations to meet customer specifications and ensure consistent feed streams. We offer full-service plastics recycling, sorting, grinding and compounding, as well as plastic resins, a lower cost alternative to prime material. By collecting and utilizing plastic scrap more efficiently, we’re able to maximize cost savings, value and quality for customers in a wide range of industries. Our management system has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard for reprocessing and distribution of scrap plastic. PADNOS Plastics Quality policy can be found here.

PADNOS Plastics Solutions has been successful driving cost savings programs with our valued customers. We have a number of automotive approvals in place, with a focus on TPO, GFPP, ABS and PC/ABS grades. Additionally, we work closely with our customers to maximize the value of scrap through recycling, repelletizing and blending programs. Let our innovative team go to work for you.

Learn more about our Certified PADNOS Ocean™ product line and initiatives. Interested in purchasing our PADNOS Ocean™ material? Contact our team to obtain a copy of our certificates as needed.



Who We Serve

  • OEM partners
  • Injection molders
  • Sheet extruders
  • Blow molders
  • Compression molders
  • Thermoformers
  • Rotomolders
  • Compounders
PADNOS Gaylord Box

Comprehensive Scrap Management

  • Custom compounding service
  • Specialty additive and colorants
  • Toll processing – part to pellet and regrind to pellet
  • Integrated VA/VE partnering
  • Blending solutions
  • Shredding
  • Washing
  • Grinding
  • Metal removal/screening
  • Custom web portal access

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