Turning waste into something meaningful.

When it comes to sustainability, it’s about to get real. Because at PADNOS, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s in our DNA. Our experience runs deep and we continually strive to be on the cutting edge to be the real deal in recycling. We bring real answers, real results, and real success tailored to your recycling needs. Our teams create unique, scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes that positively impact the planet and your bottom line.

Made to be remade.

Driven by our passion for innovative solutions, PADNOS takes landfill-bound materials left over from the manufacturing process and converts them into functional pellets made to be remade.


Right-sized Realcycling Solutions

Let our experts go to work for you turning waste into profit. Our experience lets us see the possibilities of reclaiming material value and reducing what goes to the landfill. And our scalable solutions evaluate how to optimize your return on scrap materials and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our global partnerships and expertise in developing new markets help us identify the best opportunities and innovation scaled to your needs. Whatever you need, we make it happen with custom programs, containers and services all engineered to integrate seamlessly into your processes.


We’re more than your junkyard or scrapyard – we’re your Realcycling partner.

PADNOS completes a material analysis and creates solutions for its Realcycling partners


Practical sustainability that positively impacts the bottom line.

Sustainable solutions are often the most financially sound decision we can help our customers realize. And we’re not just striving for better sustainable solutions, we’re delivering them with newer, more efficient equipment and smarter more effective goals. Whatever the type or size of your business we help you get more value from your scrap and more return on your investment.


Innovative Solutions in Sustainability

Imagine what we can do for you – endless possibilities.

Ready to Realcycle?