PADNOS is 100 Percent committed to reducing your carbon footprint.

We specialize in customization and in-house engineering to meet scrap management industrial requirements.

No challenge is too tough for PADNOS. Having provided scrap management services in Michigan for over a century, we are experts at custom designing and manufacturing containers, signage, racks, storage, and other solutions to address your unique needs and maximize your scrap processing efficiency and value.

Call PADNOS for these scrap management needs:

PADNOS IXL Machine Shop

  • Custom containers and trailers
  • Equipment tailored to address space, logistics, or environmental needs
  • Design and manufacturing of specialized or replacement equipment from scratch
  • Proprietary in-house engineering services and processes (R&D)
  • Custom scrap handling and sorting systems
  • Specialized welding, fabrication, and machining

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