PADNOS bales recycled paper to be used through their recycling facilities.

PADNOS markets all grades of paper, matching supply with demand.

Our extensive, state-of-the-art paper recycling and processing capabilities allow us to receive, sort, bale and ship a complete range of paper grades to paper mills in virtually any location. With the ability to move material in any market, paper mills both domestic and international, rely on us for a consistent stream of recycled products.

  • Sorted residential papers and news
  • Boxboard cuttings
  • Coated book/print mix
  • Hard whites
  • Mixed paper
  • New DLK cuttings
  • Newsblank
  • Obsolete rolls
  • OCC
  • Pub blanks
  • SOP
  • Sorted white ledger
  • In-house freight forwarding services for export
  • High density bales

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