PADNOS is dedicated to scalable solutions for its Realcycling partners


At PADNOS we bring full-scale recycling and scrapping solutions to businesses of all sizes.

We take an innovative approach with our dedicated team and 18,000 square foot Sustainability City to bring specialized solutions to your unique needs.


Good for the planet – and your bottom line.

While most things can be recycled, few businesses have the infrastructure in place to make it happen at the end of life. PADNOS is your partner in developing practical sustainability that optimizes your return on scrap materials.

Our triple bottom line solutions will make you a sustainability rock star. You will be able to share transparent circular economy stories that will withstand scrutiny throughout your supply chain and the market.

PADNOS Realcycling solutions are here to help.

Let our team go to work for you.

Ready to Realcycle?