Ocean Bound Plastics, also known as OBP, are plastics that are at-risk of reaching the oceans.

As defined by OBP Recycling Organization Standard, “Ocean Bound Plastic is Abandoned Plastic Waste of all size  (micro-plastics to macro-plastics) located within the range of 50km (31 miles) from shore in communities or areas where waste management is inexistent or very inefficient.” Ocean Bound Plastic is different than Ocean Plastic, which is reclaimed directly from waterways, small island beachfronts, and the ocean. Ocean Bound Plastic is plastic that is at risk of becoming Ocean Plastic.

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Sea the Possible

After seeing Ocean Bound Plastic in multiple places — Antigua, Maldives, the US Virgin Islands, and even Maine — we knew this problem wasn’t going to solve itself. Driven by our purpose statement, “Continue to find ways to innovate, lead and make a positive impact in this world,” we were determined to build a collection network to mitigate the problem of OBP, while building markets with partners to create demand for the material to have a better future.

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Partnering For a Better Tomorrow

On St John Island, USVI, plastic is treated as trash due to a lack of recycling facilities. To address this, we’ve partnered with Island Green Living to collect and process OBP. Learn more about their commitment to preserving their paradise.



Complex Problems

Collecting Ocean Bound Plastics comes with all sorts of challenges. During a recent project, our team found that the local donkey population was disrupting recycling efforts. Our team is always up for developing innovative solutions to complex problems and dealing with donkeys was no exception. Our team rose to the occasion and built donkey proof storage, keeping both the donkeys safe and the plastics contained!

PADNOS recycles plastics to make plastic pellets for reuse.

Sustainability City Laying the Groundwork

In our Grand Rapids, Michigan plant, we have 18,000 square feet of dedicated innovation space — affectionately referred to as Sustainability City — where PADNOS continues to solve today’s biggest sustainability challenges.

Our team at Sustainability City is focused on finding small-scale and sometimes unconventional solutions to a wide variety of recycling problems. PADNOS has tested many different balers with both large and small capacity, differing power needs, varying footprints, and a range of required user training.

Based on our research, we developed a mini processing facility—a self-powered and self-contained unit—capable of baling 3 different kinds of plastic in one unit.

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Finally A Sustainable, Reproducible Solution

Baled material is either shipped to us directly or further processed through grinding and then shipped. We are offering a steady supply of recycled Ocean Bound Plastics in our product line PADNOS Ocean™, to manufacturers in the Midwest and throughout North America.

We have multiple channels of acquiring materials, through both independent collectors and our own PADNOS Ocean™ collection efforts. With our teams’ compounding experience, we have the capability to create high-performance blends of PADNOS Ocean™ resin.

Let us be your solution-provider and market-maker for current and future OBP needs.

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