sunflowers sculpture, Stuart, Barbara

Stuart's Inspiration

Stuart Padnos’ ability to see the potential in scrap materials took an artistic turn when he began designing sculptures from pieces that he found in the piles of PADNOS scrap. Stuart’s motto, “Scrap is beautiful and beauty is in the eye of the beholder” lives on through his works in Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Downtown Holland, Grand Valley State University and many more locations throughout West Michigan.  The first piece he designed was a flagpole that sat in his backyard, from there he conceptualized and created over 70 unique sculptures. Stuart compiled two books of his whimsical works, in both he attributes his ability to create these pieces to the inspiration and encouragement he received from his wife, Barbara.  The dedication inside the cover of the first book reads, “To my wife and best friend, Barbara Hermanson Padnos. Her love of and involvement with the arts has been my inspiration.”

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