PADNOS scrap metal

PADNOS is your smartest choice for scrapping ferrous and nonferrous metals.

We buy scrap metal, including most grades of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap at our dedicated, scrap metal recycling facilities, located throughout Michigan. Our metal scrap yards handle prepared or unprepared materials, from valuable metal scrap from an industrial plant to old cars containing fluids and oils with tires still attached. In all operations, reducing waste and preventing pollution is a priority. (PADNOS reserves the right to refuse hazardous materials.)

Where to sell scrap metal near me

If you’re selling scrap metal and want competitive pricing, quick payment, timely scheduling, on-schedule pickup service, and clear reporting, then contact PADNOS. We’re known for all that and more.

We accept ferrous metals:

We accept nonferrous metals:

Processing Infrastructure – Let’s Crush This.™

Our commitment to continued investments in leading-edge equipment allows us to provide the fastest, safest, and most effective sorting, testing and processing systems for scrap materials. PADNOS has a comprehensive processing infrastructure that includes:


Ferrous and Nonferrous Balers

Nonferrous Metal Separation Plant

Shears and Shredders

Wire Chopping Plant

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