PADNOS employee processing recycled materials such a ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, paper and electronics.

When you want more value from your scrap and more return on your investment, call us.

PADNOS is more than a junkyard or scrap yard, we’re your scrap and recycling partner—and we’re experts in sustainability. Our ability to innovate is second to none, and doing business with us is easy. Just tell us what you need. We’ll make it happen with custom programs, containers, and services, all engineered to integrate seamlessly into your processes. Contact us for competitive pricing, quick payment, and timely scheduling to meet your specific requirements.

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Customization and In-House Engineering

At PADNOS we’re up to any challenge. If we don’t have the solution you need, we’ll create it. Our experts can design and manufacture custom containers, signage, racks, storage, and other solutions that meet your unique requirements for maximizing scrap value and meeting sustainability goals.

PADNOS offers:

  • Custom containers and trailers
  • Equipment tailored to address space, logistics, or environmental needs
  • Design and manufacturing of specialized or replacement equipment, from scratch
  • Proprietary in-house engineering services and processes (R&D)
  • Custom scrap handling and sorting systems
  • Specialized welding, fabrication, and machining


We know every company has different needs, so our experts will help you determine which containers are best for your particular usage. PADNOS designs and manufactures containers of all types and sizes to meet your unique needs and specifications. We offer extensive on-site container services, including container drop-off and pick-up services; roll off and lugger boxes of every size; van trailers; gon trailers; shop tubs; flatbed service; self-dumping hoppers; Gaylord boxes; and more.

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PADNOS audits and reports on all sustainability initiatives.


Reporting and Transparency

Sign into our online portal to generate reports or view real-time information on material loads, delivery and shipment details, payment history, and more. We photograph every load we receive and can retrieve all historical information for every shipment.


PADNOS processing ferrous and nonferrous metals at several of their recycling facilities.

Industrial Scales and Recycling Centers

What can be recycled? We have convenient locations throughout Michigan, including sites that serve industrial customers, as well as friendly recycling centers that are open to small businesses and the public. Certified scales are provided for accuracy and calibration.


PADNOS has been creating Realcycling solutions for over 100 years


Processing Capabilities

Over the years, PADNOS has developed one of the recycling industry’s most innovative processing programs. Continued investments in leading-edge equipment enable us to provide the fastest, safest, and most effective sorting, testing, and processing systems for scrap materials. PADNOS has a comprehensive processing infrastructure and full capabilities, including distributing uniform specification-grade ferrous and nonferrous materials and custom plastic compounding services, and preparing plastic formulations to meet your specifications.

Full-Service Recycling

Nobody makes recycling easier than PADNOS. As our customer, we’ll assess your processes and requirements and then create an actionable plan designed to maximize your revenue and meet your sustainability goals. Our team will offer sensible solutions for environmental responsibility, such as better ways to reduce waste, landfill costs, and pollution. From closed loop recycling and cradle-to-cradle design (C2C) to certified destruction and custom recycling plans that balance your people and bottom line with our planet, PADNOS will provide whatever you need.

loading a truck

Demolition Services

PADNOS has the full capabilities necessary to manage all of your demolition requirements, including site review, cleanup of plant tear-outs, and hauling away machinery of all sizes—nothing is too big.


Fair, Competitive Pricing

PADNOS has a well-earned reputation for being fair and straightforward. Whether it’s aluminum scrap prices or cardboard recycling prices, car scrap value, or the price of plastic per pound, you can always count on us for competitive pricing and value.

Environmental Compliance

PADNOS consistently meets and exceeds regulatory requirements for processing scrap.

We offer:

  • Onsite refrigerant recovery services by EPA certified technicians
  • Mercury switch removal
  • Stormwater management and pollution prevention with custom rain-collection systems
  • Oil and fluid management
  • Waste reduction and pollution prevention in all operations
  • Custom solutions for other environmental opportunities
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Find a location to recycle your end-of-life vehicles
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PADNOS has a fleet of proprietary trucks to support clients with their recycling needs.

Proprietary Fleet of Trucks

PADNOS owns and operates one of the region’s largest private trucking fleets for hauling recyclable material. This allows us to respond rapidly to your needs, whether we’re picking up raw materials or delivering finished products. Our expert logistics team coordinates transportation, freight-forwarding services, next-day services, and automatic switch schedules.

Logistics Management

You can rely on us for diligent, well-coordinated logistics management of your equipment needs. We handle bulky or heavy items, including oversized or overweight machinery that requires special permits to haul. From servicing cleanup projects or dispatching a mobile crane to your worksite to providing flatbed equipment and drop deck trailers, PADNOS handles it all.

We provide timely collection and delivery in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, as well as domestic and international shipment, partnering with interstate and international carriers to pick up scrap from your location. For international shipments, PADNOS is AQSIQ licensed and can provide/arrange AES filing, commercial invoice packing list, original or express release of ocean bills of lading, and CCIC.

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