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Our dedicated, 24,000 sq. ft. electronics recycling facility at 1862 Alpine Ave, offers 24-hour video surveillance and restricted key-card access, meeting the electronics industry’s highest standard for security. We can wipe your data and/or shred your hard drives, and as certified e-scrap recyclers, we ensure proper disposal.

Our team is a key resource and is crucial for helping with operational purposes.
Scrap Managment
Where we support our industrial partners.
Recycling the world over, and over.
Recycling is in our DNA. Let us find the right solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I recycle at PADNOS Electronics?
This location accepts only industrial-sized loads of electronic material. Community members can recycle metals, vehicles, lead acid batteries, and electronics at 719 Burton St or 2125 Turner Ave.