Welcome To Traverse City Recycling Center

The best recycling center in Traverse City, MI.  One of many PADNOS recycling locations, the Traverse City Recycling Center is the best place to recycle your scrap material. Just off of M-37 and Blair Townhall Rd, you can recycle copper, aluminum, steel, vehicles, catalytic converters, and electronics for money.

With a paved yard, polite employees, and better pay per pound, we want to be your recycling center.

Come experience the PADNOS difference.  John is just one of our friendly employees at our Traverse City Recycling Center; if you see him say hi, ask a question, or see what he might be able to help you with.


What We Pay You For

What We Pay You For

At our local recycling center, we pay you cash to recycle metal and e-scrap from home. We take the following types of materials:

  • Steel – items like appliances, bed frames, furnaces, tractors
  • Copper – items like wire, cable, tubing, radiators
  • Aluminum – items like lawn furniture, radiators,
  • Electronics – items like laptops, PCs, memory, RAM, chips
  • Stainless Steel
  • Car Batteries
  • Zinc
  • and more!

As your nearest recycling center in Traverse City, MI, we collect scrap materials and process them for reuse. Not only does recycling promote sustainability in your local community and reduce the load on landfills, but it’s also a great way to get paid for junk items that have been collecting dust in your home. Start reducing waste by utilizing our regional recycling services.

Entering Our Traverse City Recycling Center

Entering Our Traverse City Recycling Center

We’ve made the recycling process easy at PADNOS Traverse City Recycling Center. Here are some step-by-step instructions when visiting any of our Michigan recycling stations:

    1. Drive onto the yellow scale and continue to the far end.
    2. Stop at the intercom where our staff will capture your vehicle weight and ask about your material.
    3. You’ll be directed where to drop your material.
    4. Come back across the one-way scale for your empty weight.
    5. Bring your ID into the office and we’ll complete your transaction and issue your payment.
Certified Truck Scale
One way traffic
We also offer free trailer weights.
Small Scales
For lightweight materials like copper, aluminum and electronics, we have multiple certified scale for accurate weights.
Junk car? Clunker?
Call us for cash for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a recycling center work?
Local waste management services typically only collect certain items in recycling bins. This will include plastic bottles, milk cartons, aluminum cans, and cardboard boxes. They often won't collect large items. A recycling center, on the other hand, is equipped to accept a wider range of recyclable materials. From refrigerators and furniture to electronic waste and construction materials, our facility is one of the best places to recycle electronics, steel, iron, and more. We take all of this material, clean and process it, then the materials are sent out to other businesses to be made into new products. It's environmentally friendly, sustainable, and responsible to recycle.
What are the benefits of recycling?
Recycling allows existing products to be reused and turned into new products. It promotes sustainability, reduces waste and pollution, and conserves energy and natural resources typically used to create raw materials. Without recycling scrap, all of the material will just end up as trash in dumpsters and landfills. Recycling helps both the local community and the economy.
What scrap can I recycle with you?
We pay you to recycle all metals including steel, iron, copper, wire, aluminum, auto-cast, cast iron, cast aluminum, and even building materials. We also pay you to recycle electronics and equipment like computers, PC towers, laptops, cellphones, motherboards, memory, and other electronic waste. Our recycling company can also recycle lead-acid batteries from vehicles, and our team can assist with handling these fluids and other common hazardous products.
Can I recycle household appliances here?
Yes, at PADNOS Traverse City Recycling Center, we provide cash payments for your appliance recycling. We recycle large appliances and equipment like washing machines, dryers, stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and freezers, as well as small kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers. For items like refrigerators, freezers, AC units, and dehumidifiers, we have a process for properly removing the refrigerant fluid. This service is free of charge and will be completed by our staff.
Where can I scrap an old vehicle?
You can scrap old vehicles, or vehicles totaled in an accident at PADNOS Traverse City. All you need is a valid title in your name or signed over to you as a purchaser.
What documentation do I need to bring to scrap items?
You need to bring a current, valid government-issued picture ID. If you are bringing in a vehicle, you will also need to bring the title.
Do I need an appointment?
No appointment is needed! Just drive onto the scale and we'll talk you through the process.
Where can I recycle electronics?
You can scrap electronics at PADNOS Traverse City, and get paid per pound. We recycle all types of circuit boards, computers, smartphones, cables, wires, hard drives with circuit boards, and more. We also accept (at no value) printers, keyboards, tablets, speakers, power tools, vacuum cleaners, and gaming systems. Contact our electronic recycling centers in the state of Michigan for more information on what we do and don't accept.