Our long-time customer and Midwest retailer had such a successful pill bottle recycling program that the bottles began to take up too much space. This required multiple trips per week to PADNOS facilities to drop off the bottles. They were looking for a better way to manage the recycling of the bottles and PADNOS was there to provide a solution.

Through our diverse supply chain and range of partnerships we were able to find a market with a local office furniture manufacturer. The manufacturer, like many other companies, was looking for an option to use recycled materials made from post-consumer waste (PCW). The pill bottles were converted providing a raw material option that was both local and cost effective, as well as recycled. By connecting the channels PADNOS ensured these materials took on new life in the form of file cabinets rather than take up space in a landfill.

Landfill Avoidance / Recycled Content / Circular Economy / Supply Chain Connections

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