Ferrous Scrap - #2 Shred

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Are you looking for a partner to manage your ferrous scrap?

We have been transforming scrap into reusable resources for over 100 years.  A fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company with extensive capabilities, deep resources and many locations to handle your biggest challenges – as well as the agility and enthusiasm to provide swift, responsive service.

We strive to deliver an easy experience:  accurate weights, fair grading practices, fair pricing, integrity and support.




Non Ferrous Copper

Ferrous and NonFerrous Metal Scrap

We bring cutting-edge advancements that translate into significant improvements and benefits for you.  We’re not just striving for better solutions, we’re delivering them, with newer, more efficient equipment and smarter, more effective programs, services and customized solutions that integrate seamlessly into your processes.  Whatever the type or size of your business, PADNOS helps you get more value from your scrap metal, and more return on your investment.


Boosting efficiency and savings, reducing hassles, and improving environmental impact are what we do best.